I Covet: Plum and Purple

I Covet: Plum and Purple

Plum is my color of the moment. I even want it on my hair. I love the dark elegant color but we can say that I’m partial to darker colors. There’s something in a deeper shade that oozes chic and glamour. Just look at that ceramic mug, so pretty. Here I’ve selected items that are very wearable and fashionable as well – except the mug, can’t wear that – although I can’t assure you that they’re not expensive.

I Covet: Cut Out Buckle Boots

I Covet: Cut Out Buckle Boots
This style of boots is fun and for me creates the laid back vibe in any outfit whether you pair it with skirts, shorts, or jeans.

I Covet: Peplum Hem Skirt

Peplum Hem Lust
I wasn’t much of a fan of the peplum waist trend but drop that peplum a few inches lower and we’ve got beautiful skirt hems. My particular favorite in this set is the black and white grid skirt from Asos.

The Shorts Story: Spring Edition

The Shorts Story: Spring Edition

Getting bored (as always) so I decided to make another set in Polyvore. It’s actually fun if you’re into collage and pictures and stuff. They almost all clothing and beauty brands there. I’m not sure about tech brands though, but you can go check it out (and follow me if you like 🙂 ).