Revlon ColorSilk

Yesterday I attempted at dyeing my hair purple. I really want a rich deep-violet plum colored hair. So I headed straight to Watsons and bought a box of Revlon Colorsilk in34 ┬áDeep Burgundy. I have thick, black black black hair so of course I’m not expecting grape colored hair. I’m a noob with regards to dyeing hair, so…

With the help of my ninang (godmother? I think?), we managed to color my whole head of hair using only one box. The instruction booklet said if hair is longer than shoulder length, you might need to boxes of the dye mixture. My hair is almost waist length, add to that the thickness and we got a problem.

Fast forward (after 5 hours of soaking) I rinsed and conditioned my hair, and the result was still black with deep reddish purple hints. It’s not plum, it was a big disappointment but I’m taking this as step 1 in the whole ‘Road to Plum Hair’ journey I have started. Maybe I should use that to tag posts about attempts at plum hair. It’s going to be difficult because I don’t want to bleach my hair, seeing it can be damaging. And I don’t really want to get rid of the black, I just want plum for a while, like half a year?

Although, I have to give it Revlon that their product smells amazing! Both the coloring dyes and the conditioner. Also did a bit of research after this failure, and found out that there I should have used Japanese or Korean or other Asian brands to dye my hair because they’re specifically formulated for Asian hair.