I came across this post in my Facebook news feed about a contest involving collages and blog posts. I said, “Why not try it?”, it’s fun and easy. The contest required a collage of a “dream outfit” from the Glamorous store with a budget of £200. After putting up a blog post with the collage, participants must send the link to

Here’s what I came up with:

Dream Glamorous outfit

I am a lover of shorts. If I had to choose between a pair of shorts and an iPhone, I’d choose the shorts. So when I saw this sequined pair, I had to include it in this outfit collage. The embellished part of the top perfectly matches with the shiny pair of shorts. The biker jacket added the edge vibe this outfit needed. To finish it all off, a pair of studded boots.

So easy right? And have I mentioned the prize, £200 to buy whatever they want from the store. Generous much! I immediately checked out their website and thought that everything can be a part of this dream outfit. I certainly fell in love with a lot of their pieces. Create your own outfit now because they’ll only accept entries ’til the 12th. Go here to check out full details.