I Covet: Plum and Purple

I Covet: Plum and Purple

Plum is my color of the moment. I even want it on my hair. I love the dark elegant color but we can say that I’m partial to darker colors. There’s something in a deeper shade that oozes chic and glamour. Just look at that ceramic mug, so pretty. Here I’ve selected items that are very wearable and fashionable as well – except the mug, can’t wear that – although I can’t assure you that they’re not expensive.

I Covet: Cut Out Buckle Boots

I Covet: Cut Out Buckle Boots
This style of boots is fun and for me creates the laid back vibe in any outfit whether you pair it with skirts, shorts, or jeans.

I Covet: Peplum Hem Skirt

Peplum Hem Lust
I wasn’t much of a fan of the peplum waist trend but drop that peplum a few inches lower and we’ve got beautiful skirt hems. My particular favorite in this set is the black and white grid skirt from Asos.

The Shorts Story: Spring Edition

The Shorts Story: Spring Edition

Getting bored (as always) so I decided to make another set in Polyvore. It’s actually fun if you’re into collage and pictures and stuff. They almost all clothing and beauty brands there. I’m not sure about tech brands though, but you can go check it out (and follow me if you like 🙂 ).

Glittered Nails; 12 to go

IMG_1423 Just got back home from UPLB and found some bottles of glittery nail polish in my mama’s luggage when she went back from Dubai. Cute little shimmer on my nails. Haha. Plus, I am absolutely in love with the print of this skirt I’m wearing! Only 12 more days beforeChristmas!


I came across this post in my Facebook news feed about a contest involving collages and blog posts. I said, “Why not try it?”, it’s fun and easy. The contest required a collage of a “dream outfit” from the Glamorous store with a budget of £200. After putting up a blog post with the collage, participants must send the link to emily@e-tailwebstores.com

Here’s what I came up with:

Dream Glamorous outfit

I am a lover of shorts. If I had to choose between a pair of shorts and an iPhone, I’d choose the shorts. So when I saw this sequined pair, I had to include it in this outfit collage. The embellished part of the top perfectly matches with the shiny pair of shorts. The biker jacket added the edge vibe this outfit needed. To finish it all off, a pair of studded boots.

So easy right? And have I mentioned the prize, £200 to buy whatever they want from the store. Generous much! I immediately checked out their website and thought that everything can be a part of this dream outfit. I certainly fell in love with a lot of their pieces. Create your own outfit now because they’ll only accept entries ’til the 12th. Go here to check out full details.

Starry Night

Yesterday was such a busy day for me. I went to school to finish a group project, then to my grandma’s to get some stuff I was going to use for that night and back home to prepare for the book launch.

I only had like 30 minutes to get myself ready. Good thing I already had an outfit ready or else I would arrive just when the event’s about to end. So, I hastily curled my hair (which surprisingly went back to straight, maybe it was lacking hairspray) and put clothes on.

I arrived thirty minutes late. Gosh! People were already seated in the auditorium. It was a mini book launch. Mini, meaning, a class compiled articles and published it. There were at least five english class sections present.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to the book launch.Hype this on lookbook and chictopia.

RingsRomwe top, Mango shorts, Celine wedges, Oasap bag, Oasap crocodile ring, Romwe silver and gold rings, gold belt from my mama