Maybelline Super Mineral 24

Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Foundatio

I was a bit hesitant to purchase from Maybelline since their BB Cream caused me to break out. But, seeing that all other brands were way too expensive for a student budget, I said let’s do this. Also, my mom said, if it doesn’t work for me I can always give it to her.

I got to test it immediately the day after since I accompanied my sister to her enrollment. I’m not a make up person but ha! The foundation lasted almost five hours given that the weather that day was extremely hot. And thank goodness, there were no breakouts! Also it’s light so I can build up the coverage and not have thick foundation all at once.

New Finds: May 2014

It’s nearing the end of summer yet it’s still extremely hot and I’m completely broke. So while all I can do is stay at home or wait for friends and relatives to drag me out, I’ve found some interesting sites and random stuff.


I found out about this while I was browsing through my feed and I was surprised by the chicness of the items they sell there. My favorite item is this pair of black boots with gold detail.

Clothes Encounters

Jenn Im is an absolute goddess. I love her style and her taste in music and she just seems to live life to the fullest.


I’m not new to Pilates since I took a class during my first semester in college but Cassey Ho’s channel is definitely a must watch. She’s very positive and the community she has built is the same as well. Most importantly her workouts are my favorites. Try the Call Me Maybe Challenge and see.




Current Read: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

stieg larsson This has a pretty lengthy prologue but once you get past that I think that it’s worth it. I’m currently on the first page of Chapter 7.



At first, I thought the novel was going to be, for the most part, about Lisbeth Salander; her work as a hacker, her past, and her relationships. But it turned out, that it was not quite the case with the first book. The plot was focused more on Mikael Blomkvist, his magazine Millenium, and the story of the Vanger family. The character of Lisbeth Salander surely played a great part in the discovery of the truth about the Vanger family as well as the Wennerstrom affair. However, her presence in the book was subdued for me. It was not until the latter half of the novel was she completely and directly related to Blomkvist and the Vanger family. It did not felt cramped; her presence was the turning point in Blomkvist’s pseudo-detective work.

Honestly, I assumed I was not going to like this book and that it would take me weeks to finish it because it would bore me. But I found a certain freshness to it that I attribute to a totally new setting. After the first hundred pages, I felt tired and put down the book. Then I simply resumed reading one afternoon and until after dinner I was still flipping through pages. All in all, it was a wonderful read. The twists and the long list of suspects made it difficult to pinpoint who was (or who were) the real culprit.

Some Gifts from my Santa’s

Achoo! This blog is getting a bit dusty so I thought I’d post something.

These are a few pieces I got during the holidays most of which are things I bought with my Christmas money.


This pair of wedges is from Mendrez, I think it’s a local brand, I’m not sure ha-ha. Anyway, I fell in love with the shade of red so I had to buy it. I got it for Php 1200. BUT! I passed by the Mendrez outlet in the mall and it was down to Php 600! And I was like WTH! CAPITALISTS!!!!! So lesson learned, wait til after Christmas for the huge sales to pop out, at least in my country.


Next are these books… The Pelican Brief and Acts of Murder were both impulse buys. I figured I can never have enough mystery on my shelf sooooo. However, the Sherlock Holmes collection was something I’ve been wanting for the longest time. Ever since I’ve startedwatching the BBC series, I vowed to get myself a copy of the canon. And there it is in all it’s mass paperback glory. That’s just Volume I though. It would be better if I could find a copy of Volume II in trade paperback or hardcover!


And last are these bits of makeup products. Just a lip balm from my aunt and BB Cream from my mom. That polka-dotted background is a dress which is also a gift. I’d probably wear it for New Year’s Eve.

Anyway, that’s all there is to this post. Have a good week!

Pretty French Tip

A.R. ImageMy nails were too long and I didn’t have a nail cutter with me. So I treat myself to a manicure sesh. Can’t believe i found a salon that only charges Php75 for the service when they use OPI and Orly nail polish. The one in my hometown charges double the amount.


OOTDConverse shoes (old), Oasap bag, Swatch watch, Mum’s shirt. Hype this on Lookbook

I visited Sariaya, Quezon for the first time last Saturday. It was my friend’s birthday celebration and I had a wonderful time. There were so much food to stuff ourselves with. Spent the night there and a great deal of Sunday morning. Also visited streets near my friend’s house and there was a number of tall, grand, old but beautiful houses. The background of the photo is one of the old houses that had collapsed.



Finished watching Anohana, feels. FEELS! I just had to get it up here.

Read: Cause of Death

Past tense. Read (r-ed).

I’m sharing again one of the novels I just finished reading. This one is Cause of Death by Patricia Cornwell. I’m not exactly a big fan of her (yet, who knows?) but my mom likes to buy her books from time to time. And when she went to town the other day, I asked her to bring me a few mystery novels and this is one of the few she brought home.

The novel revolves around a female character, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Virginia’s chief medical examiner. It’s one of the many series of novels out there that stars a certain heroine. This time, its her. I guess it makes building a main character easier. I don’t know.

The plot was… nice. Murders leading up to a bigger picture. This time, the bigger picture was a group of extreme extremists who plan world domination. I’m even scared by their name. It starts with the murder of Ted Eddings, a reporter who is found dead thirty feet under water in an inactive shipyard.

What bothers me with this novel is that she’s a medical examiner. And I don’t think medical examiners do as much investigative work as she does. I believe that’s what detectives are for. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Overall, aside from the fact about her job, I really liked the novel. It’s not a chore to read. There are books out there that you pick up, read, halfway through you just lose interest and you read on for the sake of finishing the story.

(My laptop broke down. So sad. I’ll have to use my sister’s PC. But I have to fix before school starts or I’ll be a walking zombie in the university.)