Giant Book Haul!!

Book HaulOh my god! I cannot believe how lucky I was to stumble upon a warehouse sale in this forsaken city. Buying this much books for under 1000 pesos is a miracle. I just wish there were more bookstores around the city, it would be a dream come true.

Several titles are classics, I think anyone would recognize, Austen, Dante, and Dickens. A few others are modern classics while the rest are just the books that my mother, my sister, and I gravitate towards.


Current Read: On Dangerous Ground

On Dangerous Ground Jack Higgins

A game where tension is built and doubts and tricks placed at every nook and cranny. Twists and turns are sufficient by placing the characters into a setting of a mind game playing field. One side is a team of officials from London and a renowned terrorists and British agent on the other is a powerful Mafia family from Italy.

Delivery of the story of the past that was pivotal in the story as it was the starting and end point of all things. It was narrated as the story was flowing and revealed slowly but effectively allowing the characters to tell the readers what was and what is. I read another adventure thriller novel before this and I hated how the history which was the drive of the story was laid out in big blocks of text that occupy a page or two, and then the characters will discuss how that piece of information is important. I hated that style.

The one negative that I’d like to point out is that Hannah Bernstein was not given as much character development and action as I thought she should have. She was there to help the Brigadier but all she was told to do were to make phone calls and ‘hold the fort’. I liked her from the start, cool and collected, approved of her comments on Dillon, her boss, and their mission, and certainly wished she had a bigger role to play. I would have liked for Bernstein to use her mind more and her knowledge of the mind, after all it was mentioned she had a degree in Psychology.

It was not a wow book but definitely not a disappointment. It was a quick read for me so that would say that it at least kept me wanting to finish the story until the end.