Drained and Tired

Finally, hell week is up! I finished four papers in what? Three or two weeks! Hurrah! Bless the Library Research Paper, the Sci paper, the Sociological case study, the narrative analysis! It’s a celebration indeed. But. Finals week is still looming around the corner. And unlike last semester, I have to take the exams for some of my courses. But it’s not just the end of the semester, it’s also the end of my freshman year! Wah! I don’t want to be a sophie yet.

I’m sure every single student gets that feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction at the same time every semester end.

The One Thing Sherlock was Good For

I have 3, maybe 4, papers due by different courses that I need to submit to be able to pass this semester. That’s a lot of writing and thinking. Now, there is this one course I am taking up where I need to analyze a film, a TV show, a book, or website using the stuff we have discussed in the lecture room.

I was very vague with my initial ideas. Until now. I thought, what the hell. I can’t function properly because of Sherlock, why not just write about it? It’s all I can think of anyway.

I just hope it won’t lead to a dead end or I will be dead. The paper, I assume, is a major requirement, if I get a failing mark, my parents would half kill me.


Writing because I can’t sleep. This is seriously going to kill me one of these days.

The Hunger Games: UPLB Edition

So it’s that time of the year again, were freshies, upperclass men, graduating students and all try to battle for the precious slots. Precious because they are very very important.

UPLB’s SystemOne (the one we use for online enlistment) servers crashed yesterday for a reason I simply cannot comprehend. Anyway,they moved the online registration today at 9 in the morning. Students were ready to fight. Waiting, waiting waiting, and boom. SystemOne still cannot be accessed. Then for some random reason, my friends who were at a computer rental shop were finally able to finalize their schedules. Being the paranoid person that I am, I called up one of them and asked to fix my schedule. I was still lacking 6 units. Edsel, was my savior today. I was so afraid of losing slots since I’m too shy and too scared to beg for the professor’s prerogative.

I was so happy when he uploaded my complete and finalized schedule.


My first college semester is officially oveeeeeerrr! Yay to me for surviving five months in what was like a wild jungle!

Anyhow, I’ve been extremely busy this past week. My major subject professor decided to give us a last reminder, this sem that is, for what we are in for. We were tasked to form group of threes and do an empirical paper. I’m not new to research and stuff but I’m not exactly fond of it too. We go to the campus everyday just to fill out parts of the paper and get sources, then we have to do actual data gathering, which is the most tiring of all, and then we have to do analysis and put the paper together. It’s fun to talk to people and at the same time stressful but I’m thankful that my group mates are also fun to be with. I’ve had research in high school and we did it for one and a half year. Unlike now, my group mates were not really that independent. What I mean is that we’re very unlike each other and I can’t say I totally understand them on every aspect. But, what is important is right now. Which is a success!

Also, this success wouldn’t be a success if I wasn’t exempted to take the final exams!! Another yay! Actually I only have two subjects this semester that required the students to take final exams. Thankfully, they also practice the exemption rule and take out the students who have already reached a passing grade to take exams.

I am so happy I survived the first semester.

Starry Night

Yesterday was such a busy day for me. I went to school to finish a group project, then to my grandma’s to get some stuff I was going to use for that night and back home to prepare for the book launch.

I only had like 30 minutes to get myself ready. Good thing I already had an outfit ready or else I would arrive just when the event’s about to end. So, I hastily curled my hair (which surprisingly went back to straight, maybe it was lacking hairspray) and put clothes on.

I arrived thirty minutes late. Gosh! People were already seated in the auditorium. It was a mini book launch. Mini, meaning, a class compiled articles and published it. There were at least five english class sections present.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to the book launch.Hype this on lookbook and chictopia.

RingsRomwe top, Mango shorts, Celine wedges, Oasap bag, Oasap crocodile ring, Romwe silver and gold rings, gold belt from my mama

I Need Miracles

I’m a nervous wreck!

I have a report on Pol Sci tomorrow afternoon and I’m not sure if I’ll do well. First, my professor is totally intimidating. He knows everything at heart and doesn’t even need notes to teach us. He assigned us report topics, panelists, and then boom! That’s it. Once in a while he’ll inject necessary information for us.

Second, panelists! Who knows what kind of questions they’ll throw at us. We have this term in called “ginigisa” where they ask you questions until you run out of words to say.

Third, ugh. I just wish it’s Saturday already. That way, I can sleep until late in the afternoon and worry about nothing. Come evening I will then study for my exams next week!

Also, I have at least three papers due this coming Monday. Big thanks to all my professors who decided to set deadlines on the same day. Thanks a lot. And then, next next week will be our finals week. I’m hoping, I get exempted for taking finals in at least one subject! Please!

Wooh! Hell week is really here. Slowly making its entrance and breaking its facade.

Hell Week!

High school and college students alike would very much relate on this!
It’s that week again, where paper and project deadlines plus exams, simultaneously go on. I’ve always been amazed by our multitasking skills and our all-nighter abilities. Haha.
I have two exams this week, four papers due, and a group presentation as well. Why I’m still blogging is because I’m a procrastination master! Yes.


Sick! Here’s what happened.

Yesterday was our deviance day. I initially planned to wear a Mystery P.I. attire but there was no trench coat at home. Then I thought of goth and witch stuff but I was at loss of clothes to match. I finally resorted to winter wear. I had leggings, boots, an over-sized sweater, bonnet, and scarf on. It was a really really hot day and so I was a total deviant ( I guess?).

My professor prepared an outdoor activity for the class. Before it even started I already felt pain in my stomach so I told her about it. Thank God she’s considerate enough to let me pass.

After a few minutes or so, the pain started to overwhelm me. I took off my sweater, scarf, and bonnet since I was sweating like crazy. My classmates offered to take me to the University Health Service but there was no Jeep to take us there. We then tried if I could rest in my classmates dorm room. Unfortunately not. We had no other choice but to attend our last class for the day. It was a bit more comfortable since the room was air conditioned compared to the scorching heat outside. It was cool but I was still sweating buckets! I even threw up. One of my classmates offered to drive me to the UHS and I was really thankful for that. I called up my mother and told her I was there.

I was brought to the emergency room, given pain reliever, admitted for an overnight stay, asked for urine and blood analysis and stuff. I was only discharged at 11 this morning so I missed two of my classes today. Reason: severe dysmenorrhea