My name is Athena and this is a random journal. Expression of love, hate, rants; sharing of views, experiences, and events; collection of thoughts. If you want to ask anything, comment below, okay?:)

Reading. I love reading novels, manga, blogs. I love mystery novels. I started with Nancy Drews then to Dan Brown novels. I also like romance novels.

Dress-up. Influenced by I’m not sure what and who, I grew up loving fashion. I like to dress up. That’s it.

Anti-sport. I tried playing volleyball but hell to sports I always feel tired and beaten up after. December 8 2012 I ran/jogged/walked 5 kilometers and my limbs went crazy. It hurt every time I have to walk.

Chocolate. I know too much chocolate is bad, that’s why I try to regulate my everyday intake. Haha. It’s either Cadbury or Kitkat. So when there’s chocolate in the refrigerator I have to keep myself from grabbing one every 5 minutes.

Mystery. I think anything with a mystery-detective-crime concept would appeal to me. Except if it’s mixed with horror and gore, which are my two most hated genres. Can’t stand it. Favorites so far are Castle, The Da Vinci Code and CSI. But then again I watch things like Royal Pains and Jane by Design. So I might still be pretty random.

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