Read: Cause of Death

Past tense. Read (r-ed).

I’m sharing again one of the novels I just finished reading. This one is Cause of Death by Patricia Cornwell. I’m not exactly a big fan of her (yet, who knows?) but my mom likes to buy her books from time to time. And when she went to town the other day, I asked her to bring me a few mystery novels and this is one of the few she brought home.

The novel revolves around a female character, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Virginia’s chief medical examiner. It’s one of the many series of novels out there that stars a certain heroine. This time, its her. I guess it makes building a main character easier. I don’t know.

The plot was… nice. Murders leading up to a bigger picture. This time, the bigger picture was a group of extreme extremists who plan world domination. I’m even scared by their name. It starts with the murder of Ted Eddings, a reporter who is found dead thirty feet under water in an inactive shipyard.

What bothers me with this novel is that she’s a medical examiner. And I don’t think medical examiners do as much investigative work as she does. I believe that’s what detectives are for. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Overall, aside from the fact about her job, I really liked the novel. It’s not a chore to read. There are books out there that you pick up, read, halfway through you just lose interest and you read on for the sake of finishing the story.

(My laptop broke down. So sad. I’ll have to use my sister’s PC. But I have to fix before school starts or I’ll be a walking zombie in the university.)


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