Current Read: You Belong To Me


I’ve read some Mary Higgins Clark Novels and this one doesn’t really make it to the top of my list. Although the plot is somehow unique (I’m not sure about other writers), it disappointed me in some ways

One, the characters are a bit dull and dry. Susan Chandler is a psychologist who has a radio program. Don Richards is also a psychologist who wrote a good book. I’ve covered one-third of the book and there doesn’t seem to be anything special in the characters. Except the psychopathic killer (although the writer didn’t really specify that he’s a psycho).

Two, several clues were already released in the beginning. Half of the suspense and thrill flew out the window. Now, the only question in my mind, is why the killer did what he did.

Three, the killer had a name. That really put me off. Nuff said.

It is a chore to read compared to A Cry In the Night and Weep No More My Lady.


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