Winner’s Prize

I went out on the 17th to submit my scholarship application forms to the university and also to get some mail in the post office. Last week, I was messaged on twitter that I won the giveaway  by Nars Obsessor. Sarah, the author of the blog was very generous to giveaway a Stila Lip Glaze set. So when I found out I won, you can imagine how happy and giddy I was. She’s also a bit younger than me so it’s pretty amazing that she has a successful blog already and can run giveaways.

IMG_1809It’s my first time to use a Stila product and these lip glosses are amazing! The set included “2 best-selling and 6 limited edition glossy shades”.


One is obviously the range of pretty pretty pink colors. Two, they have this amazing “technology” (for lack of a better word) that controls how much lip gloss goes out of the tube. Three, I loved that when you apply it on your lips, it’s not as overwhelming as they seem especially the black cherry, which is second one on the right.


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