Turning Seventeen

I turned 17 last 4th of April. The funny things is, despite so many dates in the calendar, my College Writing professor decided to give the final exam on the same day, which turned out to be a movie marathon. It was a waste.

The day itself, the 4th, was not much fun due to aforementioned reason. But on the 5th two of my best buddies came over. We ate the pasta and chicken that my mom made and the ice cream that they brought.

Getting a year older doesn’t need to be extravagant. I for one don’t like big parties that much. Parties with my closest friends: yes, parties with unknown family members and friends: no. You just need to realize that ‘hey, I have the people I need’. We then went out to the mall and as we always did in high school, played in an arcade.

It’s too bad I didn’t have any pictures of that day. We were too busy chowing down, chatting, and playing there were no time for photo ops.


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