Sue me for not reading the original works first! It’s difficult  to get a copy because we don’t have those big bookstores near us. Anyway, I’ll have them asap.

So what am I blabbering about? Sherlock Holmes. Who else? Two adaptations I am currently crazy with. Sherlock and House M.D.

Sherlock is a contemporary version of the original works. He’s the same man but lives in the 21st century and uses phones and laptops. Dr. John Watson is a former soldier who was back from Afghanistan.

House is not really an adaptation but the character is based on Sherlock Holmes. The medical counterpart of Sherlock Holmes.

There are very apparent similarities between the two men. Like, both are anti-social and can be extremely rude to people. And that they are right in their deductions and diagnoses most of the time that it annoys and frustrates the people around them. They’re both crazy. Madmen. Risk takers.

So, what are my deductions so far? Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Hugh Laurie play these characters extremely well. Watch them. Now. 🙂


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