Not Creative Enough

Earlier this afternoon, I had Philosophy as my last class for the day. I thought we were just going to get into a round of boring stuff this week (I’m sorry Wittgenstein if I didn’t find you much interesting). Turns out, we were going to have an exercise. And I felt like shit. Here’s what we had to do: Think of two terms and give five different meanings for each. My prof said it was possible and I was racking my brains out for meanings, idioms, anything. In the end I lacked a couple or maybe three meanings. Ugh. =.=

Moving on, I went back home for the week and finally internet connection. Yay! When my mom got home, she started on another one of her DIY projects and she handed me a folder that contained other DIYs. I found one that’s really cool for wall decor or frames.

wall decor

It’s made out of newspapers and magazines and I found it really interesting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start on it this week, maybe work for a few hours, for the following weeks, and then get at it as my summer past time since I’m always idle during the summer.



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