Novel Turned Vlog

Bing Lee, Charlotte Lu, George Wickham… ring any bells?

Yes! Pride and Prejudice! Novel by Jane Austen made into a movie in 2005 and now, lo and behold, THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES!! Yay!

It’s a modern adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. Imagine Elizabeth Bennet in the world of digital technology. Although it’s scripted, like a mini TV series only it’s on YouTube, the cast is pretty much convincing. I mean, Lizzie’s frequent venting of frustrations over Darcy and her sisters barging in her room are…convincing. Anyway, the characters are doing great and I love how they made it very realistic and up-to-date, meaning modern!

I saw it once on YouTube and then earlier this morning, my friend sent me a message about it, and I said yeah, I know that. I’m already half-way through the series and I think they’re still uploading videos. Cheers to that! Finally, something we can all relate to. Well, you do like Pride and Prejudice though right? If not, well…

Click here to view their YouTube channel so you can join in on Lizzie and her, adventures? Quest? Whatever. 🙂 Bye.


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