Favorite Past Time

NovelsEvery one has a hobby. And mine is as common as anything. Reading. Manga, novels, sometimes books on language tutorials.

If the picture isn’t obvious enough, I’m having a thing with Dan Brown novels. My favorite, of course, the bestseller The Da Vinci Code. I like the way he created a thin line between fact and fiction here. Satisfying twists and definitely a page turner as some of the reviews included said it. My father bought these books for me and I asked him to look for The Lost Symbol and Digital Fortress as well. I’m very into mystery-detective-crime novels so…

That’s why, I initially ignored To Kill A Mockingbird. I mean, why would I want to know how to kill a mocking bird. I was really bored and had nothing to do so I picked it up. And guess what? I fell in love. I love Atticus Finch the most. He’s the coolest father in that time!

What books do you like to read?


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