The Older the Cooler

I am a very sentimental person when it comes to my things. It’s hard for me throw out an old shirt or a worn out pair of jeans. I don’t know why. Because of that I have a lot of old and unused stuff, that until my mom gives them out to charity.

Converse Sneakers

But when I say I don’t want it to go, it doesn’t go anywhere. My first pair of converse was a double lace limited edition. I only use the white pair of shoe lace because I lost one piece of the black one. I’ve had this pair for almost five years now. It’s so overused that the soles are halfway through being frictionless.

I have a lot of other overused stuff in my closet. From shirts, to hoodies, and shorts. But this one, this one I won’t know how to get rid of.


One thought on “The Older the Cooler

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    This week’s trend is Converse and as can see you are a Converse lover, I thought you might be interested in getting involved and tagging yourself in some Converse!

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