My first college semester is officially oveeeeeerrr! Yay to me for surviving five months in what was like a wild jungle!

Anyhow, I’ve been extremely busy this past week. My major subject professor decided to give us a last reminder, this sem that is, for what we are in for. We were tasked to form group of threes and do an empirical paper. I’m not new to research and stuff but I’m not exactly fond of it too. We go to the campus everyday just to fill out parts of the paper and get sources, then we have to do actual data gathering, which is the most tiring of all, and then we have to do analysis and put the paper together. It’s fun to talk to people and at the same time stressful but I’m thankful that my group mates are also fun to be with. I’ve had research in high school and we did it for one and a half year. Unlike now, my group mates were not really that independent. What I mean is that we’re very unlike each other and I can’t say I totally understand them on every aspect. But, what is important is right now. Which is a success!

Also, this success wouldn’t be a success if I wasn’t exempted to take the final exams!! Another yay! Actually I only have two subjects this semester that required the students to take final exams. Thankfully, they also practice the exemption rule and take out the students who have already reached a passing grade to take exams.

I am so happy I survived the first semester.


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