I Need Miracles

I’m a nervous wreck!

I have a report on Pol Sci tomorrow afternoon and I’m not sure if I’ll do well. First, my professor is totally intimidating. He knows everything at heart and doesn’t even need notes to teach us. He assigned us report topics, panelists, and then boom! That’s it. Once in a while he’ll inject necessary information for us.

Second, panelists! Who knows what kind of questions they’ll throw at us. We have this term in called “ginigisa” where they ask you questions until you run out of words to say.

Third, ugh. I just wish it’s Saturday already. That way, I can sleep until late in the afternoon and worry about nothing. Come evening I will then study for my exams next week!

Also, I have at least three papers due this coming Monday. Big thanks to all my professors who decided to set deadlines on the same day. Thanks a lot. And then, next next week will be our finals week. I’m hoping, I get exempted for taking finals in at least one subject! Please!

Wooh! Hell week is really here. Slowly making its entrance and breaking its facade.


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