Sick! Here’s what happened.

Yesterday was our deviance day. I initially planned to wear a Mystery P.I. attire but there was no trench coat at home. Then I thought of goth and witch stuff but I was at loss of clothes to match. I finally resorted to winter wear. I had leggings, boots, an over-sized sweater, bonnet, and scarf on. It was a really really hot day and so I was a total deviant ( I guess?).

My professor prepared an outdoor activity for the class. Before it even started I already felt pain in my stomach so I told her about it. Thank God she’s considerate enough to let me pass.

After a few minutes or so, the pain started to overwhelm me. I took off my sweater, scarf, and bonnet since I was sweating like crazy. My classmates offered to take me to the University Health Service but there was no Jeep to take us there. We then tried if I could rest in my classmates dorm room. Unfortunately not. We had no other choice but to attend our last class for the day. It was a bit more comfortable since the room was air conditioned compared to the scorching heat outside. It was cool but I was still sweating buckets! I even threw up. One of my classmates offered to drive me to the UHS and I was really thankful for that. I called up my mother and told her I was there.

I was brought to the emergency room, given pain reliever, admitted for an overnight stay, asked for urine and blood analysis and stuff. I was only discharged at 11 this morning so I missed two of my classes today. Reason: severe dysmenorrhea


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