Braided Creations

Last summer, I was an idle creature waiting for something miraculous to occur. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I was in front of my laptop all day long munching on chips and slacking off. I was supposed to do nothing. Every time I would get bored as hell, I scoured YouTube for braid tutorials. Who knew there were so many different braid styles and that they were called differently? The only styles I knew back then were the Fishtail and  French braid and it took me a while to do it on my own hair. Every time I get a hold of my sister (she has long and curly hair), I do different braid styles on her hair.

Let me share a few photos of my versions of the Fishtail braid and the Waterfall braid.

The fishtail braid.

The waterfall braid.

My hair looks rather shiny in this photo. Haha!

I really loved the way these braids turn out every time. My favorite style would be the fishtail braid. Even though it takes more time than usual, and if you have long long hair then that would really consume some time, the texture of the braid is really interesting. I love the way it looks on hair with highlights too.


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