Rumors were spread yesterday that it was the deadline for accomplishing the mini checklist for our subjects next semester. This checklist was in the systemone site. My problem was that I can’t access any page by UPLB at home, so how was I to know about that?
I asked help from friends and blocmates and fortunately we were able to submit it on time. Plus we were told that it was actually due Tuesday next week.
Then, we also heard that there was a faculty member that can help us with out systemone accounts. We went to line up for our turn (waiting for more than 2 hours!) only to be called a liar and be shooed away. Great right?
Also, my friend and I were supposed to watch the annual play by freshmen since we were required to give a reaction paper for it. We went to fall in line only after about an hour we were told the auditorium was already full and cannot house any more students. It was really jam packed as I can see from the outside.
It was a really bad day and the worst I’ve had so far in the 3 or so months I’ve been in UPLB.


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