Lie to Me, Castle

I have this excessive addiction of having TV series marathons every night, especially when I don’t have a homework due or an exam.

Castle is one of my most favorite TV shows. It’s about a homicide detective and a mystery writer working together to solve murder cases. It just wrapped up its fourth season and it was confirmed that a fifth one is coming up!! I am overly excited to watch new episodes of Castle. At first they aired it on Starworld but after sometime they broughtit down and replaced it with another show. Good thing though FOX TV decided to air it on their channel! I have my dose of Castle every Sunday. You need to watch it.

Lie to Me is on the other side of the world though.Yoon Eun Hye was also the star in my most favorite Korean drama series called Princess Hours (how I loved that series). I stayed up until two in the morning last night (earlier?) and can’t keep my mind off of resuming my marathon. Although I’ve already watched it and found out the ending, that’s what’s so cute about Korean dramas, they never fail to keep me interested.

I might sound, I dunno, stupid for even saying this but I really love these series I have to tell about it.


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