What Keeps You Moving

Athena's child like drawing

“Why do I have to take this class again? Oh right, it was required!”

This question was asked during my Soc Sci 1 (or Social Science) class by one of my teachers. I thought it to be a suiting title because this day was just so hectic and demanding. What keeps me moving is reality. That everyday there is a challenge I need to surpass, that there would be days when I would feel down.

First and foremost, my Soc Sci 1 exam was cancelled, AGAIN! I was really disappointed this time since the coverage of the exam will be longer. Second, after every class in SocSci1 is my English lecture class. The bad thing is that my prof never gives the 10-minute grace period at the beginning of the period. So my classmates and I have to brisk walk just to reach the building in time! The lecture was also boring I had to think of things to do to keep me awake. Third, a make up class for Pol Sci (Political Science) was held at 4-5. Then my professor announced that we would be skipping two journals! The class was in WTF!? mode since we have already created half of our precis!

So yeah, I just got home from UP since I decided to watch a dance contest which was pretty crappy.


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